Saturday, May 25, 2013

Charleston...Here I Come!

When Monday, May 13th came around, I could not believe it was time to go back home and leave NAU. I just could not believe that my experience and my time in Arizona was over. I loved NAU and my experience was absolutely amazing. Many people asked why I chose NAU and I always had an answer for them. I always explained how I wanted to be in a different environment and experience another part of the U.S. at a different university. My answer could still be the same but now I can tell everyone not only why I chose NAU but why I would choose NAU to be my exchange school a million times over again! NAU was the best experience ever but there is truly no place like home.

 I woke up to nature every morning!
 It's been a year already! I sure am going to miss this room of mine.
 Bye Bye 229 and get ready for RA Jazmine next year!
 The best ever!
 This is my view walking to class....can you say beautiful!
 Good ole Sechrist
 Flagstaff is simply amazing!
-Ti'a missing Flagstaff already until next time (specifically until Spring Break 2014)

Last Dinner with my Sechrist Staff

Sechrist Staff had our last gathering as an entire staff and it was awesome as usual! It was kind of a bittersweet moment for me though, because I am going to miss everyone. Each and every RA has made a different impact on my life that I will never forget. Sechrist Staff was very welcoming from the beginning and as soon as I made it to NAU I knew I was placed in the perfect building! We have changed as a staff with different people but I can say that we ended the year with the perfect staff and this is one year of my life that I can and will never forget (even if I wanted to)!

 The best going away gift ever!
The best staff I will ever have!
-Ti'a loving and already missing her Sechrist Staff until next time

NAU Graduation

We had four RA's graduate this year from NAU Sechrist Staff. This was my first college graduation experience and it was absolutely amazing. I love the Skydome at NAU and it was the perfect location for the graduation. I was very proud of our Sechrist RA graduates, Kenzie (my co), Kyle, J-Flo and Daniel! I will let the pictures tell you all about graduation...

 Louie the Lumberjack
 Waiting for the graduates
 Here they come!
 Still coming
 They've all made it...finally!
 Here come the professors
 Graduates getting their diploma
 Congrats J-flo! (We are all obviously looking at the wrong camera but still all beautiful!)
Alex, Danielle and I at NAU graduation
-Ti'a enjoying NAU graduation until next time

Residents showing some Love

Two of my residents, Stephanie and Tomie, left me really nice notes to show their appreciation. It felt really nice to know that someone cares with all the hard work we put in as Resident Assistants. I will miss each and every one of my residents!

-Ti'a feeling loved and appreciated until next time

Treats for Finals Week from the Best Bosses Ever

I can truly say that I have the best bosses ever! They took out of their busy time to make us little goodie bags to help us through finals.  RHD Victor made us a bag and GARHD KP made us one also. I love that they remember that we are students and the end of the school year is busy with classes and closing the building all while making sure the needs of our residents are met. I do not think I will ever have bosses as great as these two are! I love them bunches and will always keep in touch!


All my goodies to help me through finals week
-Ti'a making it through finals week until next time

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Last Relaxing Weekend

I just returned from a very relaxing and much needed weekend with J-Flo and Danielle. We went to spend the weekend in Phoenix with Danielle and her family for Greek Easter. On Friday, we went out to dinner and rented a Redbox movie and watched it as we cuddled with the dogs, Lilly and Preston. On Saturday, we went shopping at the mall then we laid out at the pool all day and just relaxed in the sun. That night we went to dinner and went home to have a Netflix night. Needless to say, I am no longer able to pick movies to watch! Finally, on Sunday we went over to have dinner with Danielle's family. This was my first time eating Greek food and I have to say it was delicious! This weekend was relaxing and a great way to spend my last real weekend here in Arizona. I enjoyed myself and the people I was with made it even better. This weekend was so relaxing I forgot to even take pictures. We took the weekend to not think about anything and just rest before finals and CLOSING the building with about 600 residents! Now the work week begins.....

-Ti'a enjoying herself before finals week and closing until next time

Monday, April 29, 2013

Closing Meeting

I cannot believe we had our last meeting tonight! It was a bittersweet moment but it was great seeing everyone together for the last time!

 Love these ladies!
It has been an awesome year!
-Ti'a loving her residents until next time